Making healthcare right. Together.

Though well-intended, the traditional healthcare model simply isn’t effective at producing the best outcomes for everyone involved. There is too much fragmentation and too little integration. Bright Health Group offers an entirely new approach, creating the first truly aligned model of care.

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Capable of Producing Change at Scale

Fifty Markets & Growing

Bright Health Group operates on a national scale, serving members through 30+ Care Partners in more than 50 markets.

Strong Network

Our carefully selected Care Partners include some of the nation’s leading delivery systems, ACOs, and provider groups.

Proven Leadership

Our experienced leadership team has a proven track record of founding, scaling, and managing transformational healthcare companies.

Novel Approach

Aligned Care, Delivered Locally

We recognize that healthcare is personal, and each market is unique. If you know one market…you know one market. We work with our local partners to develop, build, and manage aligned networks of providers for those seeking care, while freeing physicians up to spend more time caring for their patients.

Smarter Healthcare Financing

Our intelligent Care Partner focused health plans provide our members with simple, affordable solutions designed to match their personal needs. Operating in the ACA, Medicare, and Employer lines of business, we deliver better outcomes while offering our members smart ways to control their individual healthcare costs.

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